Self Reporting as a Cleared Employee

As a cleared employees, we have a lot of responsibilities:
  • Making sure classified information doesn’t get lost or spilled,
  • Not disclosiing classified information,
  • Reporting suspicious contacts,
  • Making sure our national security isn’t compromised,

It’s a lot of pressure!  However, even if we are doing a good job..Read More Here!

New Insider Threat Training Information

Insider Threat Traininginsider-threat

As you may or may not know, the new NISPOM has been released containing conforming change #2.  This has to do with the Insider Threat Program that is now required to be established at your facility.  In a nutshell this is what it means to you as my client.

The Purpose of the Insider Threat Program according to Executive Order 13587 is to “Deter, Detect, and Mitigate” insiders that could cause damage to national security and your company.  How “we” in industry do this to meet the minimum standards is:  Read More Here